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PhD Course: Theories of Nature – Anthropocenic Views (11-13 April)

In the course we will discuss how theoretical understandings of nature have evolved in four research areas: evolution, ecology, geomorphology/soils, and agriculture (as the nexus of the three former). Informed by this, we will also discuss and scrutinize the concept of the Anthropocene and discuss its implications for understandings of nature. The course is organized as a three-day workshop where … Continue reading

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New Paper on Large Scale Land Acquisition – people are getting poorer

The Addax Bioenergy scheme for producing ethanol from sugar cane in Sierra Leone makes people poorer, that is the stern conclusion from a new paper by Genesis T. Yengoh. The paper builds on a comprehensive empirical investigation of the development implications of this Large Scale Land Acquisition (or ‘land grabbing’) scheme. What makes it remarkable is that Addax Bioenergy is … Continue reading

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LUCID invites applications for 8 PhD positions and 1 Post-Doc

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS NOW CLOSED We invite applications for up to eight PhD positions and one post-doc position in the LUCID research school at Lund University. LUCID is a Linnaeus programme sponsored by The Swedish Research Council Formas for the period 2008-2018. It operates as a cross-faculty consortium of four departments, coordinated by the faculty independent Lund University Centre … Continue reading

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