PhD course: Current issues in sustainability research

Ongoing at LUCID right now, is the new PhD Course taught by LUCID coordinator Professor Lennart Olsson and Assistant Professor Barry Ness: Current issues in sustainability research is jointly offered by LUCID and the School of Global Studies at Gothenburg University. As the title of the course suggests, it aims to provide a comprehensive overview of some of the most important debates in sustainability research today.

These debates take place as the presence of global environmental threats in our everyday lives increases, concurrently with a dramatic improvement in our knowledge of our planet as a system. Social problems such as poverty and ill-health and environmental challenges such as climate changes and the loss of bio-diversity mutually complicate each other. Out of this context, sustainability science has emerged as an interdisciplinary response which studies the interaction of natural and social systems, processes and structures, in order to promote integration and interaction between the natural and social sciences and between science and society. The goal being to develop new knowledge and to problematise the role of knowledge and science in society’s transition to sustainability

With this in mind, Current issues in sustainability research, focuses on, broad understanding of various approaches to addressing sustainability challenges, from eco-modernisation to de-growth, different ontological and epistemological considerations and difficulties in sustainability research, and various theoretical frameworks suitable for deployment in sustainability science, such as transition and resilience theories.

Course syllabus

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