Public talk – Extinction, endangered species & hope for animals and their world, 4th Dec. 18:00

Welcome to an open lecture on “Extinction, Endangered Species & Hope for Animals and Their World” by LUCID PhD candidate Chad Boda, tomorrow Thursday December 4th at 18:00 at Folkuniversitetet in Lund.

In the context of desperate times for biodiversity, how are communities responding to prevent the extinction of endangered species? And why does this topic matter to us? Drawing inspiration from Jane Goodall, Chad will begin by talking us through the concept of endangered species and inform us on the situation described by scientists as “the 6th mass extinction”. The lecture will go on to provide inspirational examples of what people are doing around the world to save different animals from the brink of extinction. From that point Chad will address why this is an important issue for all of us and why we need to act now to protect biodiversity.

The lecture is part of the Be The Change Series for Change-Makers organized by Hållbart Universitet (Lund Students for Sustainability).

See and the attached poster for more info and programme.

Chad endangered

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