Sandra Valencia presents her PhD work in Bogotá, Colombia

Sandra Valencia, PhD Candidate at LUCID, recently gave a seminar at the National University of Colombia in Bogotá titled “Vulnerability at the urban-rural interface: the case of Bosa and Soacha”. The seminar was organised by the Department of Sociology as part of the research seminar series: Global Risks, Local Vulnerabilities.

During the seminar Sandra presented some preliminary findings of the fieldwork she was carrying out at that time in Colombia. Sandra’s research focuses on developing understanding of the main factors influencing the vulnerability of the population at the urban-rural interface in developing countries, through a case study of Bogota and the neighbouring municipality of Soacha. The research aims at exploring to what extent the particularities of the rural-urban interface (or peri-urban areas) affect the vulnerability of the population who live in these areas of physical, social, environmental and cultural change. These peculiarities include, their being areas of transition from rural-like landscapes and livelihoods to urban-like; spatially these areas are often disconform with administrative boundaries, and they are characterized by a heterogeneous mix of population, livelihoods, ecosystems and land uses.

More about Sandra and her research

Invitacion a mi semillero UNAL



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