Seminar Nov. 10 – Ilex Guayusa: Sustainable agroforestry in the Western Amazon 

LUCSUS and LUCID are happy to announce an upcoming seminar where Alianda H Pineiro of the Runa Foundation will present her research on sustainable agroforestry in the Western Amazon. Here is a short summary:

Ilex guayusa (Loes), or guayusa, is a tree native to the Western Amazon. Its leaves contain high concentrations of caffeine and antioxidants, and are traditionally consumed as a tea by indigenous groups throughout the region. Large-scale commercialization of guayusa began in 2009, initiated by RUNA, a social enterprise based in the United States. RUNA currently sources guayusa leaves from over 2,500 small-scale indigenous producers in the Ecuadorian Amazon and sells guayusa tea and beverages in over 5,000 locations in the US.

Aliana talks about the development of the guayusa research program alongside the commercialization process in agroforestry systems within the socioeconomic and ecological context of indigenous livelihoods in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She will present key opportunities and potential threats that will determine the future of guayusa as a contributor to sustainable development in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

When: November 10, 15:30
Where: LUCSUS, ”Josephson”, Biskopsg. 5, 3rd floor, “Ostrom”

Here is the invitation poster

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