Special issue: Sustainable development in a globalized world

LUCID PhD candidates (Elina Andersson, who has since graduated), graduates (Giovanni Bettini) and professors (Anne Jerneck and Lennart Olsson) all contributed their research, as part of an international team, to the production of the latest special issue in the Journal of Environment and Development: Sustainable development in a globalized world.

The special issue presents a cross section of the scientific work carried out under the European Comission funded project GLOBIS, or Globalization Informed by Sustainable Development, of which LUCSUS was the coordinating partner. The issue covers a variety of topics that cut across and tie together the concurrent, and potentially conflicting, processes of international and sustainable development, and globalisation. These include: European energy policy in a global conxtext, eco-innovation in newly industrialised countries, biofuels in long-haul transportation and shipping, so-called climate-induced migration, and international dietary trends in relation to food and agriculture.

The project, which was carried out in collaboration with SMASH: Société de Mathématiques et de Sciences Humaines in France and ISI Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research in Germany, aims at building expertise and capacity in Europe to assess how conflicts between globalisation and sustainability can be reconciled, both in scientific practice and policy making.

You can find the special issue here

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