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Public talk – Extinction, endangered species & hope for animals and their world, 4th Dec. 18:00

Welcome to an open lecture on “Extinction, Endangered Species & Hope for Animals and Their World” by LUCID PhD candidate Chad Boda, tomorrow Thursday December 4th at 18:00 at Folkuniversitetet in Lund. In the context of desperate times for biodiversity, how are communities responding to prevent the extinction of endangered species? And why does this topic matter to us? Drawing … Continue reading

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International seminar on particpatory monitoring and management of biodiversity – Torsten Krause

Two years ago, as part of my PhD research in Amazon region of Ecuador, I studied if and how conservation areas, owned by Indigenous communities, are monitored and what role local people played in monitoring activities. The communities in which I did my research all received a financial incentive from the government to protect parts of their forests against intrusion, … Continue reading

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