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Upcoming LUCID/Human Ecology seminars with guest professors Will Steffen (15/5/20) and Kevin Anderson (15/4/6)

Guest Professor Will Steffen (ANU) on “The ‘Many Anthropocenes’ debate: When did the Anthropocene really start and why does it matter?” Date: Wednesday May 20, 2015 Time: 10-12:00 Location: Josephson, Biskopsgatan 5 Room: Carson  Abstract First proposed by Paul Crutzen as a new geological epoch in Earth history, the Anthropocene has spread far and wide beyond the geological community, triggering fierce … Continue reading

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Seven Challenges for Sustainability – Climate change impacts on agriculture, food systems and rural societies

Ten years ago LUCSUS convened a series of seminar with the title “Seven challenges for sustainability”. Now it’s time to revisit the challenges: Global Climate Change Combating HIV/AIDS Global Food Security Loss of Biodiversity The Global water crisis Desertification Depletion of Oceanic Fish Stock On May 11 we will organise a half day seminar “Climate change impacts on agriculture, food … Continue reading

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New book on adaptation, development and transformation, with a LUCID contribution

A new book, “Climate change adaptation and development: Transforming paradigms and practices” is out now, from Routledge. The book, which features contributions from a number of researchers at LUCSUS – including LUCID PhD candidate Ebba Brink – draws on critical case studies to problematise questions of adaptation and social transformation, from the point of view of development, in the context of a … Continue reading

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Guest lecture – Communicating and acting on climate change: Is Brazil the noble example?

Communicating and acting on climate change: Is Brazil the noble example, is the name of a guest lecture that will be given by Myanna Lahsen of the Earth System Science Centre at the Brazilian Institute for Space Research. The lecture will take place between 10:00 and 12:00 on the 21st of November at LUCSUS (a LUCID partner), Josepshon, Biskopsgatan 5 in … Continue reading

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New publication on mainstreaming ecosystem-based adaptation into municipal planning

LUCID PhD Candidate Ebba Brink has co-authored an article in Global Environmental Change: Local levers for change: Mainstreaming ecosystem-based adaptation into municipal planning to foster sustainability transitions, with Dr Christine Wamsler, Associate Professor at LUCSUS, and Christopher Luederitz, a graduate of the LUMES program. The research was carried out in the context of two research projects: Sustainable Urban Transformation for … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben’s public lecture: December 2nd, 18:00-20:00, Edens Hörsal

LUCSUS and LUCID are excited to announce that Bill McKibben, leading environmentalist, founder of 350.org, and joint recipient of this year’s Right Livelihood Award (popularly seen as the ‘alternative Nobel Prize’), will give a public lecture, entitled The climate fight: Notes from the front lines at Lund University on December 2nd, from 18:00-20:00 in Edens Hörsal Bill McKibben’s visit happens at an … Continue reading

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Publication – The geology of mankind: A critique of the Anthropocene narrative

LUCID graduate Andreas Malm and professor Alf Hornborg, both at the Human Ecology division, recently published The geology of mankind: A critique of the the Anthropocene narrative in the journal: The Anthropocene Review. In the article they problematise the concept of the anthropocene by tracing the historical development of fossil energy as the central productive force in the economy. They find that, contrary … Continue reading

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Publication: The (in)visibility of gender in Scandinavian climate policy-making

Annica Kronsell, LUCID steering commitee member, along with her colleague Gunnhildur Lily Magnusdottir, explore the link between gender representation and climate policy-making in Scandinavia in this recent article in the International Feminist Journal of Politics. Below is an excerpt from the abstract and the full article can be found here. “We ask to what extent equal descriptive representation (critical mass) … Continue reading

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Climate change report

Climate change report released… The decision to prepare a Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) was taken by the members of the IPCC at its 28th Session (09-10 April 2008, Budapest, Hungary). Following the election of the new IPCC Bureau at the 29th Session of the IPCC (31 August – 04 September 2008, Geneva, Switzerland) and discussions about future IPCC activities at … Continue reading

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