Water Mafias: profiting on the poor – Maryam Nastar

LUCID graduate Maryam Nastar, recently gave an interview to Lund University Magazine. Maryam draws on her research in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Hyderabaad, India, to describe how that in spite of law which aims for affordable water for all, water shortages still hit the poorest hardest. In the ‘slum’ areas of megacities, water mafias that take advantage of peoples desperate need for water have started to appear. Maryam argues that water shortages are a product of  decision making processes that due to market interests and histrorical inqualities exclude disadvantaged peoples. To find solutions we must first understand the true causes of water shortage.

Read the full article here (in Swedish).

Here is a Special Issue of Ecology and Society that Maryam and others at LUCID produced on Urban Water Governance.

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